We are able to provide on site training in both First Aid At Work and Emergency First Aid At Work. This meets the requirment for first aid in the work place.

If you are unsure as to your work place requirments please do contact us and we will be happy to assist.

We  run these courses for a varity of clients from care homes to security comapnies to music venues.

We are able to tailor the statutory (FAW, EFAW) courses or start from scratch. Talk to us about the what you do and we will build a course tailored to you and to your group.

This can be used to meet unusual risks found in the work place - things like major haemorrage and chemical exposure.

Common courses include First Aid for Sports, BLS, AED as well as various bolt on elements to the standard work place courses.



We run regular full and half day CPD courses for all levels of staff. These cover a number of topics including patient observations, ECGs, airway managment and patient assessment.

We are happy to organise a session on any topic for you and your group. We have a range of hospital and pre hospital experts to call upon.

For any training requests or questions please contact us via

0845 5440829